Getting noticed in today’s job market sure isn’t as simple as it used to be.

Your resume, LinkedIn profile and other career communications are an employer’s first impression of you. It’s all they have to go on until you’re invited to meet face-to-face in an interview – so the documents you submit better be impressive!

Top Resume Writing & Career Services delivers powerfully written, career-focused resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and other career communications for a variety of  industries, professions and career levels.

⇒ All resumes and other career communications are written by a Multi-Credentialed Professional Resume Writer & Job Search Strategist.

⇒You’ll  receive an ATS-optimized version of your resume with the most relevant keywords for your targeted industry/profession.

⇒Specialize in LinkedIn Profile Creation based on The FAVAR™ Method to maximize a candidate’s Findability, Attractability, Viewability, Attainability and Viewability.

⇒Up to 90% of clients reported securing an interview in as little as 60 days!

We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business serving a range of career specialties throughout North Alabama and nationwide.

Take charge of your career and contact us today to get started!


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