Save Your LinkedIn Profile Data to a PDF File

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LinkedIn’s platform changes that went into effect in March 2017 threw a lot of us for a loop. Even me, a certified LinkedIn Writer, had to spend time to learning my way around the newly updated interface.

Once you have your LinkedIn profile completed, you can begin sharing information and growing your network of connections. To better help my LinkedIn clients leverage the power of their LinkedIn profile, I provide them with a useful checklist to help them get the most from this vital business tool.

One of  the most important tips I share on the checklist is the importance of saving your profile data. Right now the new user interface has experienced a few “kinks” that are still being worked out. There have even been some reports of members losing important profile data while making attempting to make updates. Be proactive in protecting yourself from suffering a similar fate by exporting your profile data to a PDF file today. The process is super simple: